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Art Aquarium Milano 2015

Milano,  2015.01 – 2015.12


“Art Aquarium ” was created by Japanese artist / art director Mr Hidetomo Kimura, it’s the Exhibition about “Kingyo“, goldfish came into Japan in year 1502, in the period of the Muromachi, He is not only to be the master of every kind of ornamental fishes, but also supervises and designs interior, lighting, music, projection-mapping and space design.

Art Aquarium in  Milan, this exhibition is the first time to be hold in oversea, outside of Japan, it was located in the center of Milan city, near the DUOMO, at Circolo Filologico Milanese.


I was in charge of managing technical support for the realizzation of the exhibition in Milan, and continued to participate to the organizational team to work out on it till the end of Art Aquarium 2015.