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for the XX Winter Olympic Games in 2006


Turin, 2003

Project by Arata Isozaki associates, Archa spa and Ove arup Milan
(Team ISOZAKI : Arata Isozaki, Andrea Maffei, Norimitsu Sukeshima, Hiroshi Yoshino, Arai Hidenari, Shinobu Hashimoto, Wataru Ishikawa, Claudia Tinivella, Marco FolkeTesta, Antonio Ravarino)


The Project is the winner of an international competition in which Arata Isozaki had to re-design a big area (Piazza d’armi) in Turin city, including a new ice hockey stadium for the Olympic games in 2006.


The existing stadium (completed in 1934) influenced the sizes and proportions of the new project. Its height of 15m is maintained as a limit of the ice hockey stadium height to create a dialogue between old and new.
The definitive project phase has begun in 2003, in which i’ve entered to the team Isozaki. I was in charge of development of an interior design included all toilet boxes, elevators and stairs and six movable tribunes.


Photo credit : Architect Marco Brizio