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Idea for Re-establishment at the Kesennuma fisherman port,

International  competition 2012


Kesennuma, 2012

Collaboration with Architect Kimihiko Tanaka


March 11th 2011, Tsunami attacked the Kesennuma fisherman port area in Kesennuma city, in which one of most devastated place by tsunami.

The municipal Kesennuma called international completion about idea for Re-establishment at fisherman port area was completely destroyed.


Our idea is based on the concept “Resilience”, the port will get capacity of regaining its original resistance, applied to the city, particularly to own infrastructure and habitants behavior in everyday life, we’ve put some emergency building in every district and created prevention network. At the border of port have different layered structure as sea wall in vertical, keeping well relationship between people and the sea at port.


気仙沼港町復興まちづくり設計競技 2012年

提案者グループ  : 田中皇彦、橋本しのぶ

テーマ  : レジリエンス