4 Giugno 2024








29 Maggio 2024




Preview stampa  OPEN HOUSE TORINO 2024,

28 May, 2024 @ Tailor Made Home








5 Luglio 2023

2023 07 ROMA


Passing by Rome,  July 2023

“Roman Pantheon”










15 Giugno 2023




Publicshed an article about the interior project – Taylor Made Home –  , in occasion of OPEN HOUSE TORINO 2023

Nationa news paper, la Repubblica,  9 June /2023,    Torino Società page

“La casa con il terrazzo cge si affaccia sul museo Egizio e fa l’inchino al sole”

by Marina Paglieri









26 Gennaio 2023

2023 01 IN JAPAN



小田原文化財団 江の浦測候所  by 杉本博司





MT FUJI  富士山





















18 Settembre 2020

2020 08 Ricarica

Eyeshine Circular THONET it’s a sweet memory

16 Agosto 2020

2020 08 Back to Dolomite

Cibiana di Cadore
Lago misurina
Monte Cristallo – 3,221m

10 Luglio 2020

2020 07 Monviso

Walking aroud Monviso
Gran Tour del Monviso – Plan Del Re

29 Giugno 2020

2020 06 Finally Reset time

Parco Regionale La Mandria

28 Aprile 2020

2020 Lockdown

Try to sewing mask by japanese cotton
Sewing mask took too much time, so i decided to buy a sewing machine NECCHI, it’s just arrived ! From now on Here becomes the factory of Mask

13 Novembre 2019

2019 November

Illumination of the courtyard is generated by Linealight, cordinated with appliques on the balcony it’s of same style.

Looks atmosphere in the night becomes a poetic garden, completely silent place.

18 Giugno 2019

2019 June

OSCA MT4 1450 Spider FRUA, 1953, Raced by Bill David (San Francisco) won in many races from 1954 to 1956, The current owner is Hidetomo, Japan

GFG STYLE Giorgetto and Fabrizio GIUGIARO, KANGAROO, Prototype of Electric car was presented in Genève 2019 (left),

FIAT ABARTH 1000 Monoposto da Record 1960, Pininfarina (right)

Petrolicious organized the drive on famed FIAT Lingotto rooftop.

Passing by in Brussels to find some friends of Concorse d’eleganza Kyoto

Restaurant de l’ogenblik, in the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, serves traditional brussel plates

The Atomium, the Landmark of Brussels city, was built in 1958

Amazing panorama !

Event: Elègance et Automobile Monte-Caro 2019, organized by ACM (Automobile Club de Monte-Carlo)

Ferrari Mythos 1989, designed by Lorenzo Ramaciotti at Pininfarina (right)

Automobile Club de France, Place de la Concorde
The Circle in Paris, powered by The Classic Car Trust. The forum is dedicated to foster heritage and environment classic cars in a fast moving world.
The Chantilly Arts & Elegance 2019 was held 29 and 30 June, with its the fifth edition.
Invitation card was done by paper art crafts are coherent to the style of Councourse.
at Domanine de Chantilly
Automobile VOISON, artisan French taste
Shot with Mr Jean Todt, very gentle and sweet person

29 Maggio 2019

Concorso Villa D’ESTE 2019

The Concourse d’elegance Villa d’este 2019, Hidetomo Kimura participated with his OSCA MT4 1450, Spider Frua, 1953

Hotel Villa d’Este

Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B, Best of Show of the Concourse d’elegance Villa d’este in the 90th edition, 2019

Lamborghini Marzal, One-off car, designed by Marcello Gandini, 1967

The next day, Concourse d’elegance Villa d’ERBA, OSCA departure with his own bus was moderated by Lopresto Collection
Exposition Concourse at Villa d’ERBA

OSca was mentioned the second mention award
Corrado and Hidetomo has hold hands for their victory!

11 Ottobre 2017

2017.09.24 Party

望月先生77歳喜寿パーティ/ 新宿京王プラザホテル・高尾の間にて

22 Agosto 2016

2016 August

Vacation in France, Our visit started in Firminy – Saint-Etienne. The Saint-Pierre church is located at Site Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier’s last architecture piece with his way of capturing natural light

Visit at Louis Vuitton Fondation designed by Frank Gehry

Breakfast with french croissant of Lenòtre

Taking a place “Waterfall” by Olafur Eliasson, in the garden of Palace Versailles

Olafur’s “Your sense of unity, 2016” Palace of Versailles

28 Dicembre 2015

Art Aquarium Milano 2015

〜 アートアクアリウムミラノ展 2015 〜

EXPO Milano 2015 開催に合わせて、アートアクアリウムは初の海外出展・イタリアのミラノに進出を果たしました。アートアクアリウムのアーティスト/総合アートプロデューサー・木村英智氏は、変幻自在な水槽デザイン、ハイレベルな水槽管理、知り尽くした生体管理と組み合わされる「アートアクアリウム」という独自の分野を確立させ、アート」「デザイン」「エンターテイメント」と自身がライフワークとして追及している「アクアリウム」を融合させるアクアリストの第一人者です。

日本では六本木ヒルズをはじめ、日本橋や全国各地で開催されてきた「アートアクアリウム展」が、イタリアのミラノ市中心部に位置する文化的施設「Circolo Filologico Milanese」にて2015年5月28日から8月23日まで開催されることとなり、私は会場設営計画から工事までの管理と展覧会運営に関わりました。

2015年5月 会場設営工事開始



2015年5月28日 アートアクアリウムミラノ展オープン




時にはVia Clerici に行列も。。。

Stazione di Milano Cadorna e Stazione Porta Garibaldi

Tram 広告

CORRIERE DELLA SERA  “La Lettura”  n.192 Domenica, 2 Agosto 2015

フィレンツェと京都の交友50周年記念イベント  2015年6月9日〜10日

Palazzo Vecchio (in Piazza della Signoria)「Cortile di Dogana」





10 Dicembre 2014

La cena vegana alla giapponese

Dopo aver seguito un paio di corsi di cucina Macrobiotique/Yakuzen/Vegana, sto approfondendo la cucina vegana nel quotidiano e

ho avuto una bella occasione di presentare una cena vegana alla giapponese per una festa privata.

il Catering ristretto per poche persone è importante per fare conoscere questa cucina sana, buona, e meravigliosa !!!

Il menu (stagione Autunno):
– Zuppa di zucca e miso
– Cime di rape con Tofu alla salsa agrodolce
– Rape cotte con salsa di nocciola/sesamo
– Carote nere con sesamo bianco
– Maki di avogado e shiitake , e Seitan e zucca fritta
– Polpette vegane con legumi e verdure
– Azuki con torta alla tè verde

Il pane fatto da pastamadre, il Tofu di soia, il dado naturale sono ormai autoproduzioni preparate in casa.

Trovo che per preparare questi piatti c’è bisogno di tanta creatività, tanta passione, sopratutto tanto tempo e grande impegno, cercando di organizzare bene miei impegni e non cercando il concetto di comodità, velocità e facilità.

Continuo a ricercare cibi sani, ricette e piatti della cucina vegana-giapponese.

Per chi a la curiosità di conoscere questa cucina per sé o degli ospiti, arrivo io!

1 Marzo 2014

2014 February, Rotterdam

I came back to Rotterdam city, it’s my second home town, used to live for 3 years. At this time, I stayed for several days in Rotterdam for participating to Yakuzen lesson by Kyoko Onishi sensei.

She studied Osawa style medicinal cooking by Lima Osawa  and universal medicinal principle under Hideo Omori. 

She’s been lived in Belgium more than 30 years, and She dedicated her energies to introduce Japanese yakuzen tradition to modern Europe using European ingredients.

Now She lives in Japan,  dedicates her energy with her medicinal cooking to help children in Fukushima area.

Before lessons, I, my friend and Kyoko sensei took a waterbus and visited in Dordrecht for having a lunch with another staff of the lesson.

Villa Augustus is fantastic place which has a natural food shop, restaurant, vegetables garden and hotel,  all space are recovered from ex-old port buildings at Dordrecht port.


The second day bio-food market in Den Haag, we found many japanese vegetables – YAMAIMO, GOBOU, JINENJO, and some seeweeds – KOMBU, WAKAME from Bretagne in France, at the one of big stands there.

The lesson was held in De Groene Passage, is the biological foods market in Rotterdam. They also created restaurant space – buffet stile, pay for per kg – to eat natural foods.

I remember that when i lived, this place was small and a little bit sad to eat a few vegetables plates, seen only vegetarian people were a frequent customer.

However, now i’ve seen so variety of people come in, atomosphere is very contemporary and cozy, a variety of cookings are possibiliy choosen.


samples of 7 type of soups by her yakuzen theory.

In the day of TOFU lesson, She showed 7 ways of cooking with TOFU.

A way of cooking should be adapted to depends on how people’s health condition.

She is very cute, elegante and sweet, calm at the same dynamic.

Her theory is very interesting, comprehensible. Never say words to restrict eating some foods neither impose her theory.

All plates are amazingly tasty, I loved her yakuzen pizza and chickpeas soup.

TOFU pizza :Tofu, Miso, Olive, Kepper, Lotus root (RENKON), Paprica!

My friend took me for sightseeing in Rotterdam, Van Nelle, kralingen lake, Nord of Rotterdam station area,  Zuid Rotterdam, Sparta stadium, Justus van Effencomplex, some of them are new for me.

We also been to see another bio-market in Rotterdam, Uit je Eigen Stad near the Marconiplein.

Bio foods shop & Restaurant. I took bio brown bread and gouda cheese, it’s very ducth lunch!

I took bio brown bread and gouda cheese, it’s very ducth lunch! I immagine how will be great to visit here if the time was in summer time!

Viva Maas Tunnel!

(The best place for me in Rotterdam!)

Who remember this apartment G-11B?

A lot of Thanks to Maki,
See you again!