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CHIP CITY – thesis at Berlage –

The Wearable city
Positioning technology in Rotterdam city


Rotterdam, 2001

The final thesis project

Thesis tutor: Elia Zenghelis

Special tutor: Rients Dijksta (MAXWAN urbanists and architects)


The positioning technology takes us to surprising realms.

Expanding our activities, it generates physical decentralization and hybridization.

A city emerges from the GPS; at first it has a labyrinthine appearance.

This city has a complex, invisible infrastructure and its constitution is like a cybernetic network.


You can access wherever you are, whatever you want.

You can move freely without any obstacle.

In the chip city, everything exists densely, everything interacts sensitively.

There is no redundancy.

The chip city is a city that makes people wear city.

The Wearable city is free to be you.